Square Will Soon be Accepting Apple Pay

The founder of Square, Jack Dorsey (also the individual who launched Twitter), said that he wants businesses to be able to accept all forms of payment, including Apple Pay. In recent weeks, industry experts have claimed that Square and Apple Pay are competitors in the mobile payment field, but Dorsey doesn't see it like that.

Square plans to accept Apple Pay beginning in 2015. Currently, Square lets users accept credit card payments via iPhones, iPads, and so on with the use of a tiny "square" device. However, the square is not currently able to accept Apple Pay. The hardware within the product will need to be altered so that it is compatible with the new payment method.

Apple Pay is currently only available in the U.S. and only at large retailers, including Macy's and McDonalds.

Square announced last Friday (11/21/14) that it would begin launching its app globally in over 100 countries.

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The Top Apps in the Tech World Right Now

Last week, at the GigaOm Conference, leading figures in the tech industry picked their favorite tech products and apps. Listed below are their picks.


This is an app that connects people worldwide, and it functions as a mini-forum for discussion between coworkers. It can be used for group discussions about projects, product and site launches, and more. It is designed to make communication easier between colleagues who may not be in the same location at the same time.


This is a music streaming app that recommends playlists based on your mood. Users can enter a subject, mood, artist, or song and be presented with special playlists that are geared towards their search.


This app makes reading books and magazines far easier. Listen to celebrities and other individuals read popular novels while you drive, work out at the gym, work, and so on.

Read more by visiting the original article here: http://www.cnn.com/2014/11/24/tech/social-media/industry-insiders-hottest-apps/index.html

Improving Our Clients' Sites

Over the last year, Garrow Media, LLC has been making tremendous strides in converting websites into the newest form of Joomla that is available on the market. We have also been keeping ourselves updated with the latest algorithm changes being made by Google. Our clients' websites are now much faster and more responsive when being used on a smart device, including iPhones, tablets, and Android phones. We are also in the process of adding in social media posts for some of our clients to test and see if adding Google+ posts can have a positive influence on ranking.

Garrow Media Hires New Employees

In the last couple of months, Garrow Media, LLC has expanded to include three new employees: Steve Bloemer, Lewis Mendez, and Takeshi Tawarada. The employees come to us from recommendations from instructors in the area, as well as from some of them reaching out to Garrow Media to join our team to learn more about our field and how they can be of a benefit to our company and client base. They each have the ability to fully understand search engine optimization strategies and put them into practice. We are looking forward to seeing what our newest additions can provide for our team and for our clients.

Microsoft Planning to Cut Xbox One Prices by $50 Until the End of 2014

As the holiday season nears, many shoppers will be pleased to learn that Microsoft plans on cutting the price of the Xbox One gaming console by $50. This comes after the company already slashed prices by $100 when the Kinect camera accessory became available.

Beginning on November 2nd, 2014, the company will offer a temporary price cut of $50 on the Xbox One line in the U.S. until the end of the year. There is one bundle that comes with the Kinect camera accessory and will cost roughly around $449, down from $499. The standalone game console without any accessories will be available for roughly around $349, down from $399. The company says that they have already been using the same strategy in the United Kingdom.

The company’s strategy is to boost sales and compete with Sony, manufacturer of the PlayStation 4 and other PlayStation gaming consoles.

Read more from the story here: http://www.cnet.com/news/microsoft-to-slash-xbox-one-price-by-50-until-end-of-year-as-holiday-season-heats-up/

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