Smartphones for Mom This Mother's Day

This Mother's Day, give mom the gift of a top-notch smartphone. This is going to be a gadget that she will likely use every single day. So it will be important that you choose one that is functional, durable, and most of all - fun! Read on to learn more about the top picks for mom this month:

1. HTC M8: It features a camera that allows you to re-focus on images after they have been taken. It makes it easier to create montages and collages. Also, the M8 feels comfortable in the hand and is the perfect size.

2. LG MWC: This phone provides a large screen with beautiful colors and high-resolution images. It is known for its affordability and simple to use features.

3. Windows Phones: These will allow mom to use all of her favorite Windows software features on the go. They also come with a 20MP camera for taking pictures and making videos.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note: This phone will allow mom to use a stylus to navigate through apps and text. It features beautiful colors and is comfortable in the hand.

5. Samsung Galaxy S5: The OLED screen on this phone is simply stunning. It features a 16MP camera for photo taking and videos.

6. Sony Z1 and Z2: These are great on battery life and are known for being fast and easy to use.

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Learn About Google's Biggest Perks

Everyone has heard that Google is one of the top-rated places to work in the U.S. Employees here have a lot of perks to help keep them motivated while working those long hours. Recently, Google revealed some of the biggest pros of working for this search engine giant. Read on to learn more:

1. Free food: Google offers free meals, all hours of the day, to help keep employees full and able to concentrate on their work.

2. Shuttle services: Employees are able to take free shuttles to and from work. Researchers say that using shuttle services helps to take nearly 20,000-40,000 cars of the roadways each day.

3. Googlers-to-Googlers: More than 3,000 people taught G2G classes in 2014 and many people were involved in the program. This is a time where employees can talk about their knowledge and experience with coding, parenting, hobbies, etc.

4. Google talks: Employees are able to attend a number of talks throughout the year from famous guest speakers, including everyone from Lady Gaga to Barack Obama.

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Amazon's New Dash Buttons Let You Push to Pay

Over 20 years ago, Amazon announced its plans to let users pay for items in their shopping cart with just one click. Today, shoppers can now use a "dash" button to order items in their home that they need. The button is smaller than a standard remote control for a TV and it allows customers to make purchases without any swipes and without having to talk into a microphone.

Customers are able to purchase everything from books to groceries and much more. Amazon hopes to entice shoppers who use their service to buy standard items, such as paper towels and coffee, as well as other items they may need that they are close to running out on instead of having to go to the store.

There are several brand-specific buttons available, including some for Tide, Brita, and Whirlpool.

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Big Changes Coming to Facebook

Facebook recently announced that it will be releasing several new products and features in the upcoming months. Read on to learn more.

Spherical Videos

Soon, you will be able to watch videos that are shot with 360 degree technology from your Facebook account. This is the same technology that is used by Google Maps' Street View.

Track Online Purchases

If you are a "fan" of a page and have liked a business, you will be able to connect your account to some of them in the near future. You will receive messages from your FB account letting you know when your order has shipped, along with helpful tracking information. This can help to save room in your inbox.

Reply to Messages With Other Apps

FB users will now be able to send messages using third-party apps, such as Giphy - a program that allows you to create your own GIFs.

Video Embedding

When you post a video to your FB account, you will now be able to put it on other sites and share it easily with embed codes.

Commenting on News Stories

When you comment on a news story you are interested in, it will also appear on your Facebook page showing what you said and what you read about.

To learn more, you can read the full story here: http://money.cnn.com/2015/03/25/technology/facebook-f8-messenger/index.html

A New Smartphone That Looks Like a Pocket Watch

A company based in Berkeley, CA known as Monohm plans to release their version of the smartphone next week. It is called the "Runcible" and was named after a nonsense word created by an English poet. The watch was designed and engineered by Apple and Sony Alumni - Aubrey Anderson, George Arriola, and Jason Proctor.

The phone has a circular shape and a convex wooden back. It is designed to be easily held in your hand, and has a screen on front with a camera on back. It can do everything a normal phone can do - make calls, send texts, browse the Web, and so on. However, it cannot use apps.

Producers of the watch/phone feel it is a great alternative for people who don't "live" off a smartphone.

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