Amazon is Buying Twitch

Reports indicate that Amazon has purchased Twitch ($970 million), an online video game streaming service which allows users to watch others play video games, or to post video of their own game play.

Twitch was founded in 2011 and gets more than 55 million visitors each month. It calls itself the leading video platform community for individuals who love gaming. This number represents nearly 1.35% of all Internet traffic in the month of March, according to a networking company called Sandvine. This means that Twitch had more traffic than HBO.

Research indicates that the acquisition of the company could eventually account for serious growth. Twitch CEO Emmett Shear has said that he believes that the merge will help the community to create faster services and better tools that make the site easier and more convenient to use.

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Apple May Reveal a Smartwatch Product on September 9th

Recent reports have indicated that Apple has secured a patent for a wearable watch device in July 2014. Other respectable news sites have also indicated that Apple is planning to reveal the new watch on September 9th, the same day that they plan to reveal the new iPhone 6.

The latest gossip about the new watch’s design has had Wall Street buzzing. Stocks were up more than 1.5% to an all-time high of over $102 per share.

Apple won’t be the first company to reveal a smartwatch, with many other companies already taking part of this niche industry. However, the market is in hopes that the introduction of this product will make smartwatches more of a main street product rather than one in a niche market.

Earlier reports indicated that Apple may be on the verge of introducing the smartwatch since they revealed apps that would be useful with such a device, such as the HealthKit app, which makes it easy for users to track their blood pressure, heart rate, and other vitals. Also, the HomeKit app makes it easier for users to control thermostats, light switches, and other connected devices through their iPhone, iPad, and perhaps eventually, the iWatch.

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LinkedIn and Social Media Stocks

Last Thursday, LinkedIn's stocks soared nearly 10% in value in after-hours trading. The company reported strong second-quarter earnings that were much higher than anticipated by Wall Street analysts. Also, the company released its sales projections for the rest of 2014, and it seems the company has a lot of momentum going forward.

LinkedIn also reported a sales increase of more than 40% in its three main business divisions: recruiting, premium subscriptions, and advertising. These strong and promising numbers come after Twitter also released its higher than anticipated sales last week of nearly 20%.

Meanwhile, Facebook's shares soared to an all-time high last week after a very profitable second-quarter, coupled also with the company's success in mobile advertising.

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Why Things Are Looking Up for Twitter

Twitter's stock prices soared more than 20% last Wednesday after it released strong sales for the second quarter of 2014. Twitter had a much better than expected quarterly report which helped to calm fears among investors who worried that this social media outlet wasn't a company that would have sustainable growth over the years.

A lot of Twitter's success in recent months has come from its mobile users. The number of people using Twitter Mobile grew nearly 29% from 2013. Also, Twitter has raised its projection for total sales for 2014 to $1.3 billion.

Investors say that this hasn't been a great year for Twitter since in early 2014, its shares dropped more than 40%. Investors questioned the growth of the company and whether it would be able to cash in on its current customer base. Further adding more fear to investors was the resignation of the company's COO, Ali Rowghani in June.

Wall Street analysts have questioned whether recent growth in the company's stock was due in part to the World Cup. Many users joined the social media outlet and invested in the company on the on set of the sporting event which occurs once every four years. Posts were numerous about the soccer games, but now, investors fear that since the games are over, the company is going to see a decline in their customer base.

CEO Dick Costolo says that while Twitter still lost money in the second quarter of the year - nearly $145 million, the company is still showing signs of continued momentum.

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Amazon Launches Prime Streaming Music Service

On Thursday, June 12th, Amazon launded a streaming music service to all Prime members. This new feature has over one million songs, and comes with unlimited, ad-free listening at no extra cost to individuals who are already members of the service.

Amazon enters the streaming music business with other competitors, such as: Pandora, Spotify, Apple iTunes Radio, SoundCloud, Google Play Music All Access, and many others. Spotfiy has the largest number of paid subscribers at 10 million, and Pandora has 76 million listeners with its free service.

With Prime Music, listeners have the ability to add in songs that are already on their computers, make playlists, listen to other users' lists, and so on. At this time, there is no feature which works as a social component to link Prime with Facebook, Twitter, and so on as is the case with Spotify.

Amazon Prime members pay $99/year for unlimited streaming services for movies and TV shows, and now add to it a streaming music service. A Spotify subscription costs around $9.99/month and doesn't offer streaming movies or shows, only music.

Read the full story here: http://money.cnn.com/2014/06/12/technology/enterprise/amazon-prime-music/index.html

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