A New Smartphone That Looks Like a Pocket Watch

A company based in Berkeley, CA known as Monohm plans to release their version of the smartphone next week. It is called the "Runcible" and was named after a nonsense word created by an English poet. The watch was designed and engineered by Apple and Sony Alumni - Aubrey Anderson, George Arriola, and Jason Proctor.

The phone has a circular shape and a convex wooden back. It is designed to be easily held in your hand, and has a screen on front with a camera on back. It can do everything a normal phone can do - make calls, send texts, browse the Web, and so on. However, it cannot use apps.

Producers of the watch/phone feel it is a great alternative for people who don't "live" off a smartphone.

Read the full story here: http://www.cnet.com/news/meet-a-smartphone-designed-to-look-like-a-pocket-watch/