Search Engines Market Share October 2011

According to NetMarketShare the desktop market share for the search engines as of October 2011 has Google with an incredible lead over any other search engine with about 82% globally.  Yahoo and Bing have 6.8% and 4.26% respectively. For mobile devices/tablets Google has over 90% market share usage for search engines. Wow!  Market share increase for browser usage is the only major significant trend change with Chrome (a Google product) gaining a 10% growth in share over the past year.  Internet Explorer from Microsoft still has about 52% share for browser usage with FireFox at about 24% share. 

Our SEO focus has been primarily on ensuring we focus first on Google results.  The data above indicates that our focus is in line with the search tools that consumers are using most frequently.  In the next few weeks we'll be discussing methods to further enhance web traffic to your site and how the team at GM will work to accomplish that goal.