Garrow Media Services

What began as a CMR (Certified Marketing Representative) national Yellow Page service has evolved into a dynamic directional-marketing firm. Whether your company's scope is national with dealers from coast to coast, or a single storefront, the team at Garrow Media is dedicated to growing your business through lead-generation and providing the greatest return for your advertising investment.

  • Yellow Page media planning and placement (CMR)
  • Website Design
  • Web hosting
  • PPC and organic search marketing
  • Back Office website management
  • User-editable website
  • Customized Reports and Solutions
  • Pay-per-call Yellow Page Advertising
  • Landing Page Development and Optimization
  • Media buying, copywriting and production

Garrow Media's SEO (search engine optimization) focuses on securing and maintaining top keyword positions for organic (free) search results on Google, Yahoo, MSN and over 90% of the major search engines. Our optimization programs are cost effective, working with keywords, new site features and other algorithmic enhancements designed to attract favorable reviews from search engine spiders and robot crawlers that evaluate websites for ranking purposes on organic searches.

Our Interactive team builds and hosts websites, develops targeted landing pages and will harness leads locally thru customized optimization techniques of your company's website. PPC (pay-per-click) advertising on the web increases the exposure on search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo. Garrow Media ensures that your PPC achieves a positive ROI without overpaying for competitive and premium placements.

Garrow Media also plans and places Yellow Page advertising regionally and nationally.

Traditional media (TV, Radio) consulting and buying are also available thru Garrow Media, along with copywriting and production services.

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