Pay Per Lead Ad Programs

Are you tired of writing checks to ad agencies, yellow page publishers, radio, tv, and web/internet firms who don't deliver what they promise?  Then stop.  Garrow Media has the ability to work with several media companies on a pay/lead basis.

For many advertisers the "run the spot" and see what happens simply doesn't provide ROI.  Pay-per-lead provides you value without assigning budgets that provide no trackable return on your investment.  To say all media companies are willing to do this would be incorrect.  By working with outlets that are looking for revenue in a tough economy enable us to put together programs that are advertiser friendly.   This can be for broadcast, print and even the Yellow Pages.

Know up front that many stations and publishers won't even entertain the idea of an advertiser paying just for results.  We fully understand it is their prerogative to continue under the old school sales method of selling "time" or "space".

Today's smart marketer demands value - at Garrow Media we know how to convey this message effectively and successfully to publishers and media sales decision makers.