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An Introduction to Online and Offline Marketing

An Introduction to Online and Offline Marketing


In the world of marketing there are many ways you can advertise your products and services to potential customers. The first and newest of the two is online marketing better known as paid search advertising. Companies such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! rule the world of online marketing, but many smaller social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook also offer several choices. This form of marketing is primarily centered around a pay as you go strategy of marketing in which you pay for every click that your ad receives. This can be beneficial because it allows for your ad with the link to your website to be placed above the search results which in turn nets you more website traffic. The other form of marketing would be offline marketing. This form of marketing encompasses a wide variety of resources to advertise your company. While most online marketing is pay as you go offline marketing generally requires a single payment which will keep your ads running for a period of time. For example to take out an ad in the Yellow Pages has a year contract, this means that a company pays to have their ad in place and delivered in a book to almost every doorstep once a year.

​Some of the most common offline marketing techniques include:

  • ​Business Cards
  • Yellow Pages
  • Radio Ads
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Print Media (car stickers / other promotional items)
  • Coupon Packet Companies

It is important to note that neither marketing technique can accurately be stated as being better than the other. However, a combination of the two is generally recommended so that your company can have a large audience for their advertisements.


With a well built website, generating new leads can be easy with online marketing. The general idea behind online marketing lies in narrowing down the target of your advertisements to a particular audience. This is primarily done through keyword research (researching the most common search phrases used to search for your products or services) and can further be narrowed down by almost any demographic (age, sex, language, location). This method can be highly effective especially when working with one of our certified online marketing specialists. Working with certified experts will help your ads rank higher above search results and can even land you the first result on the page. This however also depends on how much you are willing to spend on keyword phrases. For example we will use Google's AdWords marketing program to explain this. Each ad operates on what is called an ad auction system in which you only need to out-bid your competitor for their spot in the search ads. On google specifically three ads are shown above the search results and sometimes below them as well. When a customer clicks on your ad you only have to pay the price that the person below your ad bid on their ad placement. Generally Ads in an ad auction range from $1 to $4 in price and for some keywords can even be as high as $15 or more. In short running ads online can both be cost effective and beneficial to your company because you don't have to pay until a customer actually clicks on your ad.


In short offline marketing is all about brand awareness. Whether you are handing business cards to potential clients or giving away free promotional materials (cups, pens, lanyards, other products all with your logo and or contact information on them) offline marketing is about cementing your company inside the minds of potential clients. Every year millions of dollars are spent to market companies all over the world. By investing in offline marketing, every time a customer sees your ad you are adding your name into their mind when they need your service. For example if a customer chooses to look in the Yellow Pages book to find a specific company and run across your ad even though it may not be what they are looking for now they may remember it. Two months down the road when they realize they need the services your company provides they might remember coming across your ad in the Yellow Pages and look it up and give you a call. Offline marketing is mostly about making longer term investments in potential clients through brand recognition.

​Important note:

Advertising takes time and money. Find out what works best for you by tracking the results of each advertising method. Ask the customer how they found you and record that on their invoice.

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