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An Introduction To Search Engine Optimization

An Introduction To Search Engine Optimization

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a marketing discipline focusing on the development of websites to rank higher in organic (or non-paid) search engine results. SEO encompasses many aspects of web design ranging from the very technical side of web development to some of the creative elements that are involved. SEO is a necessary element for every website. It is required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase search engine visibility. There are many aspects of SEO, from the words on your page to the many links to and from your site. At its base level SEO is simply a matter of making sure that your site can be easily understood by search engines.

SEO isn't just about building search engine friendly websites. It's about making your website better for your audience as well. A well structured and thought out website can drive conversions and keep people coming back to your site over and over. Users today focus not only on the aesthetics of a website but also the content. Having a well-rounded website that guides users to their intended goals can both increase engagement on the website, and website leads.

Why Do I Need SEO?

The majority of web traffic is driven by three major search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. Although social media and other types of web content can drive traffic to your site, search engines are the primary method of navigation for most users. This is true whether your site provides content, services, products, information, or just about anything else. Search engines are unique in that they provide targeted traffic - users looking for what you offer. Picture a highway with several off ramps, search engines use search queries - the words that users type into the search box - much like driving directions you put in your search query and the search engine offers you the best results for your question. Search queries offer extraordinary value. Our experience has shown that search engine driven traffic increase from their online marketing campaign. Targeted traffic to a website can provide publicity, revenue, and exposure like no other channel of marketing. Investing in SEO can have an exceptional rate of return compared to alternate forms of marketing and promotion.

Why Can't Search Engines Find My Site Without SEO?

Search engines are smart, but they still need help. Major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! are always working to improve their technology to pick through the web more deeply and return better results to users. However, there are limits to how they operate. Structuring your site so that the content is easy for a search engine to understand is one of the most essential steps to driving targeted traffic to your site. For example, let's say a user searching for a florist that sells roses and they type in "places to buy roses", in addition to this let's say there's a company that makes custom greeting-cards with roses on them. If both sites show up for that search query the user may end up visiting a site that they had no intention of visiting. Whereas optimizing your website can net you a lot of new visitors and increased traffic, the wrong moves can hide or bury your site deep in the search results where visibility is minimal.

The internet is becoming decidedly competitive and companies that invest in proper optimization of their website, will have a greater advantage over their competition.

Can I Do SEO Myself?

The world of SEO is very complex, but the basics are easily understandable. Even a small amount of knowledge can make a difference. Though investing in professional SEO development is easily the most efficient way of optimizing your site correctly. Optimizing a website can take a large amount of time to both research correct methods, and implement them correctly on your site.

Using a company such as Garrow Media, LLC. which has years of experience developing and optimizing websites, will give you a better chance at showing up for your targeted audience and their search keywords.

If you would like to learn more about how our SEO services can benefit you, please contact us today to setup a free consultation.