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Why do I need to market my business online?
With over 80% of all transactions starting from an online search, it is almost impossible to ignore the importance of a strong web presence these days. No matter what services your business is offering you can almost be certain that prospective customers will go online to research your service and the best companies to choose from to get started. If your business cannot be found, then your competitors will be taking the largest share of those opportunities.
Why should I work with Garrow Media LLC for online marketing or web design?
Although you are never limited to working with a company like ours, we do highly recommend it. If you do not live and breath online marketing and web development like we do, then there is no way that you can specialize in it and provide yourself with efficient and effective results. Choosing to go with an expert is like knowing you are going to choose the winning lottery ticket before you decide to buy one. Our team specializes in online marketing and the development of custom online web presences. What does this mean for you? This means you can focus on what you do best, running your business and letting our experts help you grow.
How long does it take before i can expect results?
This may be our most common question, and it's a good one. The type of results and the time to see results are going to vary depending on a two key points.
  • The services you are using (i.e. PPC or Organic Search rankings and SEO)
  • How aggressively you are marketing you choose to market your business
More comprehensive marketing strategies tend to yield quicker results and are usually recommended by Garrow Media LLC. However, if you have a very specific goal, then certain services may provide faster results. An example would be activating Pay Per Click as it can be activated and delivering traffic to your website very quickly after setup. Search Engine Optimization tends to take a longer period of time before any direct results are noticed.

Website Questions

Why do I need a Website
Your website is the first impression that prospective customers get about your business online. If you do not have a website or if you have a dated, poorly designed and developed website, then there is a very good chance that this prospective business is going to move on to a competitor that has put the proper time and care into their website.
Why shouldn't I just you a service like WIX or Squarespace?
There is absolutely nothing preventing you from going with a free or cheap service provider to build your website. As a matter of fact, going this route is better than not having a website at all in our opinion. However, if you’re looking to build a website to actually help your business grow, then going through the proper planning, design and development process to create an effective website is 100% necessary. Your website is your first, and sometimes your only, impression as well. Make sure that it makes the best possible imprint by having a professional team like ours build it correctly from the start.
What do I need to provide to you to build the website?
The more information we have from each customer before beginning a project the smoother and quicker the project goes. Ideally, we would like to have the following things before any website build is started:
  • Approved Sitemap (our web developers will put together a sitemap for approval)
  • High Resolution or Vectorized Logo Files
  • Current Web Host and CMS login information
  • Business listings login information (I.E. Angie`s List, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Facebook)
  • Direction of design (design examples or ideas)
  • Business Goals
  • Filled out Questionnaire
What is a theme?
A theme is a set of predetermined styles for a website usually licensed by a design company for use in the development of websites. Most developers use themes as a sort of plug and chug operation to quickly reproduce websites which are essentially clones of each other.
Do we use themes to build our websites?
Yes. However our team of developers specializes in the customization of themes to provide individualized web presences. We use themes as a baseline for the development of our websites in order to expedite the process of development, but we do not simply plug content into a pre-baked layout. Our developers will be building your site from the ground up using custom HTML and CSS styles and coding to develop a site that is uniquely catered to your style and services.
How will you make it easy for me to manage the content on my website?
Before any website project enters the build stage we completely plan out how the approved designs will be coded into a working website. This process helps us to make as many elements of the website easily interchangeable. Our developers and designers work closely with our clients to provide any support or changes.
What plugins will be inluded with my build?
Garrow Media LLC uses a tested set of plugins for development and security. We use an in-house developed testimonial plugin as well as a variety of other security and speed optimization plugins to provide an elegant experience on every site. We also offer plugins for the easy creation of Blog style content for your site.
Will my website be mobile-friendly?
All Garrow Media LLC are built to be completely mobile-friendly (unless otherwise requested by the client). With over 50% of search queries taking place on mobile devices it is very important that any potential customer be able to find your services when they need them the most.
What will you be doing to preserve my current website`s history and SEO value?
If you have an existing website, then it is first your responsibility to notify us of that website. And if you wish to replace any existing websites with a new one, then that must be communicated to our team. In these situations we will quote out the necessary work to properly migrate your old website to your new one so that any chance of significant SEO value loss is limited, if not entirely avoided. This process is very involved, especially if you have a large website, as we must identify each existing page and link that has been indexed and then properly map and redirect those to the associated pages on your new websites.
How will the website convert visitors?
Our team will assist with helping you identify your calls to action, but ultimately these important elements will need to come from your business. We will make recommendations and help to build in conversion elements like forms and features to capture leads or sales, but the most effective websites are ones that have strong, unique calls to action. The most effective and unique calls to action are what separates you from the competition. Customers are often looking for the one reason why they should choose your company for a project over another.
Will you be performing website core, theme and plugin updates as they become available?
All of our sites are routinely checked and updated as needed in order to maintain your websites security and performance.
Will you be keeping backups of my site?
All sites are backed up every other day to ensure that any changes that are made are preserved should any aspect of your site break. Our backups are also stored and kept should a client request that we roll their site back to a previous version.
What will be used to help me track my website traffic?
With each website that we build we setup and install Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools in order to properly track traffic and conversions on your site. In addition to this we use Google Tag Manager to track almost every possible interaction a customer may have with your site. This is important because it can show us which pages people visit the most and can help us optimize your site for the best possible conversion rate.

Search Engine Optimization Questions

What is SEO?
SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. SEO is something that can be done on your website (content development, coding, internal linking, etc) or off of your website (link building) to help your website organically rank for its relevant key phrases.
How do I know if my website is ranking or not?
The easiest way to see if your site is ranking is to simply go to Google, Yahoo or Bing and do a search for the key phrases that you feel are relevant to your website. If you do not see yourself on the first page of those search engines for those key phrases then your site is not getting the placement and exposure it needs and you have some work to do. Our team of SEO professionals can help you achieve the organic rankings your website needs to be found online.
What is PPC?
PPC is an acronym for Pay Per Click – a form of online advertising that allows companies to show ads on the major search engines and social networks based on key phrases or demographic information. The idea of pay per click is to have relevant ads only show when a user performs a search or meets a certain set of demographic info that an advertiser has selected. One of the most well-known, and effective, pay per click ad platforms is Google AdWords.
I’ve heard pay per click is a waste of money. Why should I use it?
Pay per click can most certainly be one of the quickest ways to blow through a marketing budget without any results….when you don’t know what you’re doing. A professionally setup and managed pay per click campaign can yield very quick, consistent increases in relevant traffic to your website. With budget being your only real limitation, the increase of new, qualified traffic to your website can be enormous. We highly encourage customers, especially those with brand new websites and specific marketing campaigns, to use pay per click to reach the right people at the right time – when they perform a search.
Why is my ad is not showing up first (in the first position)?
You, like every other advertiser using pay per click ads, would typically like their ads to be in the first position. As a result, this creates a large amount of competition, thus making it difficult for a novice to get their ads placed above everyone else’s. Ad positions, with pay per click, happen in a couple ways – (1) you have outbid your competitors for a key phrase and/or (2) your ad is higher quality and more relevant than your competitors’. Different platforms rank paid ads differently, but these two reasons are generally going to answer this question.