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Ensuring that clients get a solid return on investment is the focus of every Garrow Media program. Yellow Pages are yet another tool utilized in our Directional Marketing Strategy.

Garrow Media started in 1992 as a Yellow Page C.M.R. (Certified Marketing Representative). Serving National and Regional clients, Garrow Media represents thousands of directories for every market in the United States.

Media planning begins by analyzing the headings for your business, then making sure you're competitive within those headings. Budgets are allocated to maximize ad size and location within the directories. Garrow Media is aware of all publisher "incentives" and work to make sure your ad dollars are stretched to take advantage of these publisher's programs. Getting your business the right amount of exposure without overpaying is our goal.

Geographic Marketing is also an important factor. A simple radius around your business, or using the DMA, a city, county or state can determine your geographic area of influence. Once your geo-target is in place, we analyze all of the available directories. Recommendations will then be made on how to properly utilize each directory in order to maximize your advertising investment.

Garrow Media's creative team understands Yellow Page marketing. Our ad designers will make your ad stand out, generating results and phone calls.

Identifying your competition, the appropriate headings, the right directories for your company's geo-targeted area along with the proper message for the consumer are all premium services Garrow Media provides, all designed to meet your expectations.

If you find that your current agency planning yellow pages just sends out renewals or your local sales representative only calls when they want to sell you something - perhaps it is time to discover what a well informed yellow pages professional can do for you. Give us a call to visit and learn what ideas Garrow Media has to offer.

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06 January 2017
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Yellow Page Management
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